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Webinar:  Thursday, June 17th   |   2:30-3:00pm US CT

Hosted by:  Attivo Networks & Resource Communications

As lateral movement experts, we’ve seen how attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in Active Directory.  Attivo has taken our advanced knowledge of vulnerabilities and built a tool to provide automated and continuous (not just a point in time) monitoring of your AD structure –  ADAssessor

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ADAssessor delivers:

  • Complete visibility to exposures in a single pane of glass

  • Consolidated reporting with remediation actions and scripts

  • Live attack detection – DCShadow, Brute Force Password Attacks, Mass Account Disabling and more

The best part? There is nothing to install on your domain controllers, no elevated privileges required, and zero organizational or production AD impact.

  1. Simply install Cloudlink to 1 endpoint
  2. Run the assessment while carrying on with your normal duties (take a call or grab some coffee!)- typical run time is 30 mins
  3. Return to learn your results. It’s that simple!

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn more! Register HERE

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