Our Approach

Focusing on Our Clients to Solve Problems

Innovative Technologies And Key Partnerships

With today's digital transformation and increased security vulnerabilities, RCI helps address growing challenges with established and emerging technologies and services. We are a boutique firm, but our industry expertise and strong partnerships run deep. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but the best at what we do; providing the attention and expertise required to deliver solutions that best fit our clients’ business, technical, and budgetary needs.

Evaluate and Test Our Vendor Solutions

We test vendor solutions in our lab before actively taking them to market or into production, and we welcome our clients to visit our lab for evaluations. We can design real customer scenarios to provide real solutions and training. This enables us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons in order to provide the best fit for our clients, before it goes to production.

Client Bill of Rights

We pride ourselves on the personal attentiveness and respect given to our clients as we stand behind our Client Bill of Rights:

  • Clients Have a Right to a Live Person Answering the Phone

  • Clients Have a Right to Be Treated With Respect

  • Clients Have a Right to Quality "Customer Service" in All Aspects of Their Business With Resource Communications, Inc.

  • Clients Have a Right to Expect Practical Solutions to Their Networking Pain Points

  • Clients Have a Right to Quality Communications Products and Services at a Fair Price