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What's Your Company's Real Security Posture?

Organizations of all types and sizes are battling against cyber attackers.  In recent years, we’ve seen cyberattacks growing more sophisticated, which makes it harder to detect and mitigate them.

Current methods that organizations primarily use to verify the protection of their systems are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. The results are used for risk assessment that have become mandatory provisions in various regulations (e.g., GDPR and NYCRR). Vulnerability scans and penetration tests are useful for obtaining insight into the security posture of an organization—at a specific point in time.

However, they do not present the full picture; especially when it comes to sophisticated, multi-vector attacks.  

Cymulate, rated the "Best cutting edge breach and attack simulation platform" by Cyber Defense Magazine, lets you protect your organization at the click of a button.  It was developed to automate the PENtesting process and provide instant results.  


Operating thousands of attack strategies against the Full Unified Kill Chain, Cymulate shows you exactly where you’re exposed, and how to fix it.

Improve Your Security Posture In 3 Simple Steps

Resource Communications, Inc
Repeat. Weekly. Daily or Whenever 24x7x365.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides thousands of predefined attack scenarios

  • Can run against your production environment in a nondestructive & nondisruptive way

  • Attacks are customizable and can run on demand, suitable to your needs and schedule

  • Easy to deploy and does not require complex configurations or long service engagements

End To End Continuous Security Validation

Resource Communications, Inc
Continuously scans the internet for information that an adversary can find and use before launching an actual attack.
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