Network Optimization

Optimize network performance and gain accurate monitoring and analysis

Performance and Visibility

Network management platforms, security and monitoring tools are all necessary as they provide visibility you need to capture traffic and monitor activity, but what does visibility mean to you? What performance metrics or data do you need to manage?

If you were to build a new home but the foundational design is not built efficiently, it will serve your immediate needs, but eventually, you’ll run into on-going problems.  Similarly, designing a visibility architecture to support your tools is paramount to run your network effectively.  Network taps, packet brokers and aggregators allow you to shape your traffic and funnel the necessary data to the right tools, while offloading processes in core devices.

Let Resource help you find the right solution that best complements your network.

Featured Product- Ixia’s Network Packet Broker

Testing & Diagnostics

Resource works with service providers, government and defense contractors, manufactures and businesses with high-end data centers and NOCs to help them test the performance and resilience of hardware and operating systems.

Services include:

  • IP Network Emulation

  • Dynamic and traffic conditioning emulation

  • Traffic generation and analysis

  • Performance validation and comparative testing

  • System resilience testing

Performance & Optimization Partners: